Tuesday, March 12, 2013

99.2 Miles, Day 2

Rain. Spent the last 20 minutes water proofing my unprepared gear. Time for me to head on out. Glad I slept longer than I planned, those rain drops kept me in bed for sure. Now, time to face the music.

99.2 Miles, Day 1 (continued)

Day 1 over. 21.5 miles down. Shit ton left. Outside of cities sidewalks are rare and thus, walking is taboo. To walking as far as my feet will take me (great book by the way).

Monday, March 11, 2013

99.2 Miles, Day 1

An electrical power strip at the Tacony Branch Library in Northeast Philadelphia has re-energized my GoPro3 Black Edition. Yes, the effects of consumer marketing is on display in the above sentence; does saying, “I charged my video camera” not adequately suffice my desire to make it known that I own the latest and greatest technology? But, I digress. A more mindful state in regards to shutting off the power supply once recording has ceased will be necessary. Is it odd that the inclination to discuss the patrons frequenting this library on a Monday afternoon might be of more interest, to me, over the start of my 99.2 miles walk from Philadelphia (house) to New York City (home)? I will not discuss them individually here, rather, I will tell you what is was like walking through where these people live.
Garbage covered sidewalks, the signs of drug addiction and verbal communication that is littered with incorrections is par for the course. When I walk through these neighborhoods I feel like a foreigner in my own country. The foreigner should always have the notion of safety on his/her mind. The saying “safe travels” is indicative of the inherent danger in travelling. Accidents can happen and people rob their fellow man. For these reasons the aforementioned customary, situational farewell is more meaningful than your typically exchanged well-wishes. Accidents on the road are unexpected and they can happen anywhere. I can not say the same for getting robbed.
I do not want to get robbed, but I realize it is a possibility and that chances increase as property values decrease. This is chance I’m willing to take. I want to experience this country on my own two feet. It would be “safer” to never leave my house or the roads I knew like the back of my hand, but where is the adventure in that? Travelling by car would provide me with a personal vessel capable of covering vast distances, with many of the “safe” characteristics of home, without ever affording me the opportunity to experience the environment, and those who inhabit it. The Chinese proverb, “Conquerors are kings, the beaten are bandits” is a sociologists wet dream. This proverb is not applicable to those who would rob your from your goods in a modern U.S. city. Kings at least rule. It is time for me to get back out of the road. Wish me safe travels.