Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Philadelphia Wellness Initiative

PWI's mock up to be sent to the designer
Mock up of the diagram that will accompany the installment of pull-up bars around the city by the Philadelphia Wellness Initiative (PWI). One pull-up bar will be installed underneath i95 on Fairmount Ave in Northern Liberties and another along the Schuylkill River Path. A graphic designer from Philadelphia, who will remain nameless, is interested in contributing to the growth of PWI. It is my opinion that this designer's professional skill will lend an air of official credibility to the placement of these pull-up bars. It is PWI's hope that these pull-up bars are installed without incident i.e. the authorities do not impede on our installment at the two sites. To help diffuse such possible situations, I think PWI needs t-shirts and ID's. Also, I am working with a sculpture faculty member, who will remain nameless, to make it difficult for metal scrappers to disassemble the piece. The Philadelphia Wellness Initiative would like to thank you for your continued support.

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