Monday, May 27, 2013

A Week Away

I just took a week off from everything. Far away, in the middle of PA, I thought long and hard about my last critique. Two issues stand out: the core of what I'm doing and my blog. So, I'm told I will answer the former with doing the latter. Here I go.

Why am I concerned with my body? How am I making art with my body? So, most will agree the watershed moment for Modern Art is Duchamp's Fountain. Prior to that moment, artists were making representations of life. The Fountain planted the seed for the avant garde to begin to question art and life. In the mid 20th century Avant-garde art, no longer just an agent for commenting on culture, entered everyday life, and hasn't looked back. Allan Kaprow pioneered this sentiment with his art, which he did not regard as removed from daily life, but rather as something that should create daily life...
Alan Kaprow

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