Friday, June 7, 2013

Earlier This Week

Sunday Night Gym
My Sunday night gym. Push-ups to the left of the shirt. Fingers were slightly over the edge of the curb. This allowed me to grip the street. T'was an interesting sensation. Sit-ups were done on the shirt, with my coccyx on the bottom of the shirt and my bare back taking up the rest of the available real estate on the shirt (this shirt also leant itself to flutter kicks). Pull-ups were done on the fence. The top of the coated chain link fence had a bar running across it. It was not an ideal pull-up bar, but it got the job done.
My David
The next morning I did "My David." I did this pose on an off day (a day where I don't work out) because I felt the David statue, even though he's amidst a battle with Goliath, is in a somewhat relaxed position.
Sick and Tired
Sick since Monday afternoon. Feeling like crap and my body feels old and weak.

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