Thursday, September 12, 2013

First Day Back & Typewriters, Pianos and Pull-Up Bars

Working Out:
Today was the first day I worked out since mid-summer. I am looking forward to creating projects and performances that call for an exertion of the body.

Typewriters, Pianos and Pull-Up Bars:
Henry Goldkamp is a St. Louis poet who has installed 37 typewriters around his hometown. This public art installation invites people to convey their thoughts. Erin Williams, contributor for NPR, provides input from Liesel Fenner, the public art manager at Americans for the Arts in Washington, "Successful public art engages the viewer, and whether that's hands-on participation, or the viewer coming away with a tangible change in how they experienced that space, that place... [has] a really lasting impact [on the viewer] for years to come." Goldkamp may have been influenced by Luke Jerram's Play Me, I'm Yours which has installed more than 900 pianos in 36 cities across the globe. Setting up interactive opportunities for the public to collaborate with objects at their disposal is a theme I am currently working on with my WorkoutAnywhere Pull-Up Bar installation. Accompanying the pull-up bar will be a 3 foot by 3 foot aluminum sign that is in the process of being rendered by a graphic designer and then it is off to Berry & Homer for 2D printing. The image below will give you an idea of what the sign will look like. My hope is that people, who may not normally engage with a pull-up bar, will "hang."Small communities may form around this installation, creating a home base for those that realize they don't need a pair of the latest, greatest sneakers or a $100 gym membership to sweat, build muscle and get their heart rate up. They can produce movements in public that are typically relegated to the gym/home space, thus reshaping the idea of site specificity in the minds of others.

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